Center for Robotics, Automation and Intelligent Systems

Exploring Boundless Possibilities in

Robotics and Automation

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking university group dedicated to pushing the boundaries of robotics and automation.

Discover our research group's mission, expertise, and achievements.
MoU with Neuberg Anand Academy of Laboratory Medicine Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore towards a funded project
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Our Work

At our university, we are pioneering the future of robotics and automation.

Student Projects

Encouraging students to work on innovative projects involving robotics, automation and intelligent systems.


Organize various events like workshops, symposium, competitions, and conferences.

Industry Projects

Work on industry projects of mutual interest.


Provide credited or non-credited internships to students.

Research assistantships

Offer paid research assistantships (RAs) to graduates and post graduates.

Industry Collaborations

Showcasing a few of our Industry Partnerships.